Redefining beauty for the next generation

Hi! I’m Alice Magoto, Miss Ohio 2016. Welcome to! The goal of Beauty Unedited is to combat the unrealistic standards of beauty and success that surround us on a daily basis in the media, advertisements and on social media platforms.

Growing up, I struggled with severe acne and as a result, I was bullied at school, called disgusting by my own friends, and began isolating myself from the people and things I truly loved, all because I didn’t like how I looked. Bullies began to define who I was and I was only focusing on the things I couldn’t control. I constantly saw media photos featuring ‘perfect’ women with ‘flawless’ skin, and tried everything I could to look like those models, not realizing that it was impossible because the photos were not real. Eventually, I realized that no one is perfect and everyone has things that make them feel insecure. I began to research and saw how drastically the images I was bombarded with were manipulated, editted, and airbrushed to set a standard of beauty that is all but impossible to achieve.

Did you know, that the average American teen sees an estimated 5,000 advertising messages a day and the average young woman sees over 250,000 commercial messages aimed at her appearance by the age of 17. The vast majority of these media images are being edited to look 23% thinner than the average woman and only 5% of women in the entire world genetically have the body type in these images. It’s no surprise that we are taking drastic measures to look like a singular definition of ‘pretty’ that isn’t even attainable and that eating disorders, and mental and emotional disorders are on the rise. Women are over sexualized in the media, African-American and darker skinned women are ‘lightened’ in advertisements, skin is airbrushed to be flawless, pore-less, and ageless, diversity is not celebrated, and we tend to only see one body type – tall and thin. No wonder 80% of women polled by People magazine say ‘the women they see in the media make them feel insecure’.

The word ‘beauty’ should be defined as authentic, confident, and healthy and should be represented with inclusion and diversity, because that’s what makes us beautiful! We have been conditioned to think that taking care of ourselves, and presenting our best self is no longer enough without editing apps and filters, but we can’t edit real life. Its time to recognize the difference between what is real and what isn’t, and stop aspiring to look like photos that have been manipulated to create a standard of beauty that is unrealistic, exclusive, and unattainable.

With the help of body image researcher, Dr. Rachel Rogers, and web developers, I have created a “100% UN-EDITED” stamp that YOU can add to unaltered and unfiltered photos, share to your social media accounts, and join the #BeautyUnedited Movement! Go to the Upload & Stamp page NOW to add your image to the UN-EDITED BEAUTY Wall. We also want your voice to be a part of the movement – answer a few of our survey questions that go directly to Dr. Rogers’ research team so that we can compile information as we fight for truth in advertising!

Thank you for joining the Beauty Unedited Movement, and stay tuned as we make strides to create a more authentic, Unedited definition of beauty!