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Become a Beauty Guide with Limelife by Alcome

Become a Beauty Guide with Limelife by Alcone

As a professional makeup artist and lash technician, the quality of skincare ingredients is absolutely of the utmost importance to me and to my clients. That is just one of the reasons that I decided to become a Beauty Guide with Limelife by Alcone.

Alcone, the parent company company of Limelife by Alcone was started in 1952 as a pharmacy that also sold cosmetics and false eyelashes to Broadway actresses. In 1982 the company was bought by Vincent and Barbara Mallardi, parents of Michele Gay - the CEO of Limelife. From a small shop in New York it has evolved into a huge distribution company, retailing over 10 thousand professional products to over 35 thousand makeup artists.

Michele's mission was to supplement the income of makeup artists by rewarding them for recommending products to their clients, Beauty guides can earn up to 35% retail commission, and if you choose to lead a team, a percentage of their total sales. Limelife by Alcone was first created for makeup artists, but soon became a company providing professional makeup and natural skincare to everyone.

Today, Limelife is partnered with L'Occitane and is rapidly expanding throughout Europe. As an Independent Beauty Guide with Limelife I am part of a team where the culture is positive and supportive, and Limelife pride themselves in providing personalised training for each of us.

Contact me for more information, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have or send you a sample pack so you can experience Limelife products.

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