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Clean Beauty Products – Hylauronic Acid

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The search for the perfect Hyaluronic acid serum has not been an easy one! Whilst there is hyaluronic acid already present in my routine in my Sotox booster serum which works perfectly day to day for hydration, adding an extra booster ingredient is always a good way to tackle a short term problem. I’m taking some meds at the minute that are drying my skin out in a big way.

When searching for additions to my skincare routine, I always turn to clean beauty products. It’s not that science or synthetics are bad — it’s just that toxins are not just permitted but rampant in conventional beauty products. Why should something that’s supposed to be a luxury contribute to illness? Why is that ok?

Finding clean, cruelty free beauty products is something that takes some research. If you shop at a retailer or with a brand that is totally committed to clean beauty, that’s certainly the easiest route. However, if you’re looking at a label scan for the biggies — it should be free of parabens and phlalates at the very least.

The ingredient “fragrance” is a red flag if the company doesn’t break out what’s in there, that’s where they will often hide the more toxic ingredients.

This Pestle & Mortar serum isn’t the cheapest option at £36 a bottle but it’s worth every penny to know the formula is safe and it’s doing exactly what it should do for my skin. Plus, by researching before I buy I save money by not investing in product after product that doesn’t quite work.

If you ever need any help dissecting your ingredients labels when making purchases, or you have a particular skin issue you’d like to solve I’m happy to help!

You can book a free 30 minute beauty consultation with me here.

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