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Professional makeup

Limelife by Alcone products are curated from bestselling, outstanding quality, professional products that have been used in the makeup industry for years. Products are hand-picked to be the best of the best, they are tried and tested formulas that never disappoint.

Perfect Foundation = RCMA Color Process Foundation, reformulated to remove the parabens.

Waterproof Complete Concealer = Kryolan Dermacolor

Perfect Eyeshadow = Original MAC formula pre-Estee Lauder acquisition, Il Makiage. Limelife has since perfected the formula, removing the parabens.

Time setter Setting Spray = Skindinavia.

Signature Vegan Brushes = bdellium Tools, curated by makeup artist Kat Aragon.

Clean Act Brush and Sponge shampoo = London Brush Company.

The list goes on!

These products are in the kits of makeup artists all over the world and some are being made available to the public here in Europe for the very first time!

Natural skincare

Did you know that it takes less than 1 minute for your skincare products to be absorbed into your bloodstream? What is in your skincare products is as important as what isn’t!

The development of our skincare line was a labour of love over a two year period.  Limelife work with the best chemists, and use natural ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced to bring you a gorgeous, natural based, chemical free, effective, Leaping Bunny certified skin care line you can have confidence in.

Not only do I want you to have confidence in our products, I want you to have skin confidence too. When women feel and look great they show up with more confidence in their life and have a greater sense of personal power. Your best foundation is always going to be healthy, glowing skin.