Dermaplaning in Bury

A quick treatment with no downtime, Dermaplaning uses a medical blade to remove the outermost layers of dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) leaving more even tone and smoothness and creating the perfect base for makeup application. A single Dermaplaning session is able to remove around 2-3 weeks of built up dead skin cells and debris from your skin.

The Smoother- Dermaplaning facial
Experience a smoother and more radiant complexion with this luxury Dermaplaning facial. Skin is instantly smooth, glowing and ready to absorb topical nutrients, and no, your hair will not grow back thicker.

Express - Dermaplaning, Enzyme Peel, Moisturiser & SPF £45 (40 mins)
Unedited - Dermaplaning, Enzyme Peel, High Frequency Treatment, Targeted Serums, Hydrojelly Mask, Facial Oil, Moisturiser & SPF. £65 (60 mins)
Not suitable for active Acne or Sensitive skin