The changing face of Skincare

Did you scroll through Instagram this morning and wonder why your skin doesn’t look like that? Why you have visible pores on your face, your jawline isn’t as sculpted as the (cleverly edited) photos you are seeing, or your nose doesn’t finish with a cute pixie upturn?

Look a little closer at those photos. Underneath all that blurring you’ll find pores, texture, fine lines, all perfectly normal skin features every single person on this planet has. That perfect skin photo has been taken using a glossy product under a ring light and in fact, there are whole modules of beauty training dedicated to taking that perfect photo that captures your attention so you’ll buy into that service or product. (I’ll go into why I haven’t taken that training in a later blog)

I always wonder how we managed to get here so quickly. When the quest for the photo on the grid slowly started to zap away at self-confidence and take the fun out of occasions, Tik Tok influencers became the go to skin gurus for generations of women and embracing those pretty little facial features that make you wonderfully individual and unique, was replaced by a desire to look the same as the photo on your iPhone screen.

What started as a selfie for the grid one day has evolved into a frankly frightening quest for perfection. As a mother of a young daughter, I find it truly terrifying. As a well-educated skin specialist who understands the skin and ageing process in detail, I worry about the long-term effects of lots of the trends I see emerging.

When someone comes into my treatment room and tells me all the things they see wrong with their skin, lots of the time my first impression of the health of their skin doesn’t match to what that person is saying. There’s a saddening gap between what actually (scientifically and medically) is healthy skin and what we are now being led to believe skin should look like.

I’m here to tell you, you look amazing. In fact I believe all women look amazing. I don’t want you to change the skin you are in (or change anything for the likes). But I would love to work with you to make those small tweaks and boosts that leave you looking radiant and feeling amazing.

I want you to step away from the mirror, step away from the beauty magazines and social media feeds that are trying to convince you that you’re not good enough. I want you to wake up in the morning loving your unedited self.

Kay x

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